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      Tidhar Zagagi

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      Tidhar Zagagi & Dana Kuriel The design methodology of this work is an evolution of my work from 2021 Pixel Shoe. This project was made in collaboration with fashion designer Dana Kurail. As part of her new collection - "Empathy", a collection that examines the possibility of developing empathy through multi-sensory and imaginative clothing by the meeting between matter, form, and body. The shoe was designed in computerized t3Dl sculpturing which was then converted into the design of the mold. The mold consists of four parts and a last , all manufactured using FDM 3D printer. The top is made using a hand knitting machine and is then fused with the sole during the molding and curing process of the PU foam. This design method represents the design flexibility made possible by using computing tools and translating them into the physical world using three-dimensional printing

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