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      Jewelry and Fashion Final project

      Dafna Yacobovitz

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      About 70% of the population will experience " Impostor Syndrome" at least once." I am among them. "Impostor Syndrome" refers to an internal experience when a person who presents high achievements experiences insecurity in his abilities and achievements and is afraid of criticism and exposure as an impostor. My project deals with my "recovery" process. Dealing with anxiety, sensitivity to criticism, my position as a creator, how or when to be exposed or appraised, my personal imprint on my creations, and how I take ownership over my work. Through the practice of using my self-portrait, I created outfits. In each, the portrait appears differently: distorted, doubled, disassembled, hidden, or exposed. This is done using pleats, folds, and wide, asymmetrical cuts. On the one hand, to expose the body, but at the same time to hide it. Materials: blended wool fabric, crepe satin fabric, viscose fabric, Bi-stretch fabric. Working techniques: sewing, digital printing on canvas, image processing and designing prints in Photoshop, pleats.

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